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Our Story

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Ping was founded by Sean Liu, a grad student at the University of Chicago. The company is named after Sean’s grandma, Ping, which means peace and safety in Chinese. Sean grew up in Beijing. After moving to the US at 14, he remained deeply connected with his family in China. However, the time difference and a busy schedule made it very challenging to check in with them at will. After meeting several of his classmates, Sean found that many of them share the same worry for their elders since they too live away from their loved ones. And of course, the onset of COVID-19 exacerbated the constant worry they had for their families.


Grandpa Ming

Grandma Ping

At Chicago Booth, Sean found that many of his school mates share similar painful stories of their elders getting ill or hurt without them knowing. After meeting Isaac in Machine Learning and Will in Entrepreneurial Selling, Sean found that they all share the same worry for their families. They expanded the team and competed in the University of Chicago's New Venture Challenge and finished as a finalist! Together, the Ping team is extremely excited to impact older adults in a positive way, its mission is to enhance caregiving for as many families as possible!


Our Investors


Bob Stephen

VP, Family Caregiving

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